Firewood Soft Wood


  • Shortz & Smallz
  • Pieces 8-20cm in length & thickness
  • Suited to smaller open & closed type fireplaces.
  • Predominantly Gum tree, occasionally Black Wattle and other Hardwood species.
  • Mixture of Splits & Rounds.
  • Moisture content guaranteed below 15% – it’s really dry!
  • 19.13kg / bag (Ave.) – more or less equivalent to 2.5 of the smaller clear plastic bags seen at retailers.

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Softwoods ignite faster and generally produce more flame compared to Hardwoods but unfortunaly don’t burn as long. Our softwoods are predominantly poplar, pine, jacaranda, cypress.

May also be other perfectly suitable softwood species from time to time. Burning our firewood is environmentally friendly.